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Dr. Núñez presents a guide for all parents who want to raise future Latin American leaders who can meet the challenges of this ever-changing and complex world while developing into fulfilled individuals.

From Children

to Young Leaders


A text that goes beyond the expectations of the classic medical book.

An essential guide for parents.

If you consider yourself a committed parent, this book is for you. Dive into a sea of vital advice with a holistic approach that balances leadership development with family well-being.


What the readers say

"From Children to Young Leaders" is a guide for parents, providing all the necessary information to navigate the education of their children while establishing healthy relationships that promote overall family well-being.

Helping create leaders and successful adults who contribute to making the world a better place is the author's great aspiration with this book. With candid and relatable language, she speaks to all parents, reminding them that they are the primary responsible and promoters of their children's success.

Foster harmony in your family

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What the readers say

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